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Lake O' the Pines is a place of serene beauty
Almost every day presents a beautiful sunrise or sunset rich with a full range of
colors. Sometimes the whole sky may turn orange or red.

Naturally sunrises and sunsets are often subjects of our photography.

Lake O' the Pines is a bird watchers paradise
Lake O' the Pines has hardwood & pine forest right up to the edge of the water in
some areas. In other parts there are open fields and in other rocky terrain.

This variety provides numerous different habitats resulting homes for many species of birds.

It is an area of hidden treasures
There is a whole world of small creatures and plants that most people never
see. It is amazing what you can find when you really look closely.

We enjoy exploring that world and bringing that hidden beauty for all to see.

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ready to hang in your home or office. Just visit both of our Gallery Shops.

We also have collectible Limited Editions that are signed and numbered.

2018TopAndBottomLake O' the Pines provides a vast and diverse setting for naturalists and nature photographers, Kristi Thomas and Michael Mathews.  Their photographs reveal a diverse and varied interest in the many aspects of the natural beauty of Lake O' the Pines.  In their photographs, you can see the panoramas of the beauty of water and forests of the region; images of its many visible inhabitants; and views of some of its smallest and seldom-seen treasures.  

Both Kristi and Michael are naturalists who spend much of their time in the outdoors.  They share an interest in all wildlife but particularly in birds who are frequent subjects of their photography. In addition to their budding interest in birds and their years of interest in photography, they actively volunteer their time to work with educational and other activities related to nature in east Texas.   

Kristi spends much of her time photographing bald eagles and the many of the species of water & shore birds.  She also has a knack for finding beautiful scenic locations and devotes her time to finding just the right time of year and the right time of day for the perfect blend of color and natural beauty.  

Michael tends to photograph birds more active in the woods along the shores of the lake in addition to delving deep into the more hidden and seldom noticed inhabitants such as insects and spiders.  In most of his photography, he strives to get close and personal with his subjects often in a manner that is more like taking portraits.

We hope that you enjoy our website and will tell others about the natural beauty at Lake O' the Pines.  Prints of much of the photography on this website are available in our store. Click on the Shop tab of the menu above. Join our mailing list for updates on when they will be available as well as specials and other information of note.  This may include events around Lake O' the Pines such as bird watching, bird photography trips and more.   

Kristi lives near Lake O' the Pines and spends much of her time on or near the water with her cameras. She has recently become a birder but is an equal opportunity nature photographer.
Michael lives on the water's edge of Lake O' the Pines. He is a former biologist who has been photographing animals since he got his first Kodak Brownie many years ago.